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A few of the many Ferrigno Freedom Success Stories

Keri Mann

Keri Mann

Wisconsin, USA

Dante was my inspiration to embark on a carnivore lifestyle. That decision changed my life dramatically. I lost 100 pounds, reversed clinical depression, stopped all of my medications, and got a renewed and supercharged outlook, optimism, and zest for life !!

Dan McClure

Dan McClure

Dante has been an inspiration to me on this life changing journey. I lost weight, high blood pressure, inflammation in all my joints, all my 4XL pants and shirts. I am happy to be part of this carnivore lifestyle.

John Barry

John Barry

New Hampshire, USA

Dante is the real deal. His carnivore journey and spectacular results inspired me to embark on a carnivore lifestyle. That decision has been huge for me in so many ways. Weight loss, inflammation gone, mood improved dramatically, life simplified. As a result, over a dozen of my friends and family jumped onboard the carnivore lifestyle and are enjoying similar results !!

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